Tutti Frutti Granny Square Cardigan

  • £85.00
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Oversized button up cardigan made from 100% cotton granny square multicoloured crochet  ♥️🌷 Has oversized sleeves for a slouchy cozy fit & coconut buttons.

Available in 4 sizes while we transition between our old and new sizing 

Measures 18” pit to pit & 17” in length 

Measures 19”-20” pit to pit & 17” in length

17” pit to pit and 19” in length 


19” pit to pit and 22” in length 


22” pit to pit and 19-20”in length 


22” pit to pit and 23” in length 

please note there could be very small differences in the measurements depending on how tightly the stitched is oops! But please also not that crochet will stretch and soften with time so it may feel tight when you first put the piece on and then loosen with wear♥️)


Photos from @jacqueline_simpson (subway) @ssa5ha and @lainie.charp 💖