About Us

Hey there, welcome to Wild!

Wild Orange Tree started back in Spring 2018 when I was living alone in the countryside! It was a strange little time of my life which holds such great memories and a journey I will never ever forget. I found myself creating art in all its forms, including little crochet pieces for myself. I traveled a lot and chased the sun Through my travels around Indonesia, I found that crochet was something I really wanted to create and share and so it started. Wild started as a passion project and after spending weeks and months traveling, connecting and meeting incredible people... I found a team!! Though we didn’t realise it yet! 🥰♥️

2020 changed everything for my business and though life has changed in so many ways, I focused on art and creating but I never expected things to change so fast! Way too fast for me to keep up with! Through your purchases and supporting my business, you are also now supporting the sweetest family run business in Indonesia! It truly is amazing how I found them and amazing that we managed to work together years later... AND in a pandemic! Together we create these little pieces from 100% cotton. Though we are not perfect YET, we work on getting more and more sustainable every week but of course, more ideas are welcome! At the end of the day, we are all still learning how to change things <3 

Every single piece is handmade by us, crochet can't be produced with machines so relish in the fact that every single piece is stitched together with love :)

I hope you absolutely love every single pieces as much as we have enjoyed making them <3