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How To Care

How do I clean my Wild Orange Tree piece?

In today's climate, we believe it is very important that we all take care of our clothes! The last thing anybody needs to do is discard of yet another garment.

Wild Orange Tree pieces are handmade from 100% cotton. Wash Less. Less is More! But if you must, please do not wash in the washing machine or spot clean! Hand wash your delicate crochet piece in cool water and always air-dry out of the sun if possible. We use vibrant cotton and the sun may (naturally) bleach your pieces if they're left out for too long.

This goes the same for any vintage knit, if there is no care label then please always hand wash, just incase!

How do I store my knitwear piece? 

Folding your crochet piece, and storing out of the sun, is always the safest storage option. Hanging your cardigan may snag and poke through any stitches in the shoulders. 

 If you have any further questions about how to care for crochet item, please contact us via the contact form or feel free to DM us on instagram @wildorangetree <3